My Story: How did I even get here, anyway?


In August 2014 I went through a significant life change, leaving behind a cushy but monotonous life in Hawaii as a naval officer. I wrote about some of my experiences on my earlier blog Trapped in Paradise. It was equal parts frustrating and fun, but after ten years in the military it was time to move on, so I resigned my commission, packed my bags, and returned to the mainland U.S. and my fiance. It was a move I was more than happy to make, for at last we could plan our wedding and I could realize my dream of returning to school.

The catch: my fiance is currently realizing a dream of his own, which is living aboard a sailboat.

Well, okay. I’d done some sailing way back in college, but going sailing for a couple hours on Saturdays is completely different than living your entire life on a boat! My romantic notions of endless sunset cruises and sailing to exotic locations have been somewhat tempered by the reality of tiny living spaces, breaking machinery, and (occasional) seasickness. It’s been tough, but I’m determined to accept this challenge for now.

The inspiration for this blog came about when I first moved to Virginia, and one of our neighbors in the marina gleefully declared that most couples who live on a boat eventually get divorced! I’d been a bit peeved, but after living here for a bit I can understand where that sentiment comes from. I imagine that many “live-aboard” couples consist of one who’s really into it and the other being along for the ride; for that second partner, there are some sacrifices to be made, not the least of which is comfort. But I’m a firm believer that it can be done, and hopeful that even a fussy gal used to a more convenient lifestyle can learn to be a 24/7 sailor. Well, maybe not 24/7 – there are exotic ports to visit, champagne to be drunk, and fabulous clothes to buy, after all.

Anyway, I started this blog as a way to document my adventures, as well as try to reach out to others who may also be in the same boat (you see what I did there? Har har har…) Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy the site!

Brit C


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