Snow Daze

Well, I survived Snowzilla, although I’m not sure I can say the same about my neighbors’ vehicles.

I have never been so grateful for a parking garage in my life.

I was definitely not looking forward to snow in the city. While I like snow just fine in the mountains and the ski slopes, snow in the city? Where it turns into nasty mush that refreezes overnight to make it walk or drive anywhere? No thank you!


Yuck. What a mess!

I know this is ironic coming from someone who used to write a blog complaining about living in Hawaii, and where one of my chief complaints was the lack of seasons. Year-round sunshine and 80 degree weather got old after a few years, okay? Sometimes a girl just wants to wear her boots and cute sweaters without sweating all the time.


Such as my favorite pair of boots that hadn’t seen the light of day since that time I hung out with the temple deer at Nara, Japan back in 2012

Having heard the stories from my friends who’d endured Snowmageddon and how DC in particular cannot handle snow at all, I’d been hoping to be spared any repeats of 2010 during my two years living here. Oh well.


The day after was quite clear, although the roads were still quite impossible to navigate without snow boots (or skis)


People were sledding down famous landmarks, like Capitol Hill and the steps to the Lincoln Memorial


I was impressed that some restaurants and bars were committed to staying open all through the storm! #thatsallyougotjonas


The “snow madness” got me! After two days of being cooped up, I decided to make an addition to my roommate’s giant bowl of Skittles


Nothing out of the ordinary here!

Classes (and everything else) were cancelled today while the city dug itself out from under two feet of the white stuff. My classmates and I are now frantically refreshing our twitter feeds to find out if we’ll be that lucky tomorrow. I’m doubtful, but the public schools and several other universities in the area have already cancelled, so we’ll see.


Like watching water boil

In the meantime, the extra time off has allowed me to do a few things:

-Catch up on schoolwork (always exciting, I know)
-Submit more applications for summer internships
-Continue nerding out over All Things Tech

Since I went without updating my blog for pretty much all of my first semester in business school, I’ll have to backtrack a bit and do some explaining. However, it’s getting late and we just got word that we do actually have class tomorrow. I’ll save the story of my newfound interest in the tech industry for next time… 🙂


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