What I did on my summer vacation

Wow! Can you believe that it’s August already? Time really flies, and even more so when there’s a lot going on.

But really, where does the time go?!

But really, where does the time go?!

I took a little time off from writing for two reasons, the most obvious being that I got pretty busy this summer in between travel and moving to DC for school. The second reason is that during the sailing trip to Rhode Island that I’d written about I started wondering if I should take this blog in a different direction. I’d originally intended to make this a humorous account of adjusting to living on a boat for the first time, in addition to writing about our various sailing adventures. But on that trip back from Newport, weather and timing issues meant that we couldn’t stop anywhere on the way back to Virginia Beach. (I’m not counting the night we anchored in New York Harbor; imagine how painful it was seeing the beautiful city lights and knowing that you wouldn’t be visiting!)

That pretty much sums it up

That pretty much sums it up

I came to realize during the sail home that while I enjoy sailing on a short afternoon or evening cruise, for me the allure behind the multi-day trips is getting to visit different places. Sadly, I just don’t think I like sailing for the sake of sailing. I looked back at some of my blog entries and decided they were a little dry; fake enthusiasm makes for uninteresting reading.

Sadly, I don't have a dog

Sadly, not everyone has a dog to draw on

I still want to write, of course, and I still want to talk about the oddities of boat life. I guess where I’m getting at is, I don’t think I can make this into an “all sailing all the time” thing like I’d tried to do. And that’s okay; there’s far more informative sailing blogs out there already. I’m about to start business school anyway, so in due time there will be plenty for me to write/complain/make snide remarks on. I kid! Maybe.

So, what have I been doing for the last couple of months? Let’s see:

-Chuck and I finally went on our honeymoon, for real this time! It was the first time either of us had visited South America, and we loved it. This deserves its own blog post, but for now I’ll just say that Uruguay is quite the gem that many people don’t know about.

The perfect getaway for romantics and wine-lovers alike!

The perfect getaway for romantics and wine-lovers alike!

-As a graduation present for my youngest brother (more like a “I’m sorry I couldn’t make it because I was stuck on a sailboat NOT going to Bermuda” consolation gift) I flew him out to Key West to hang out for July 4th. I’ve been to Key West a few times in the past year, stowing away with Chuck since he goes there a lot for his job. I keep meaning to write about it because it is a good time, but really my brother summed it up best: “The guy on the plane told me that people come here to fish and drink. Is that true?” Well…

Yes. (photo credit: Huffington Post)

Yes. (photo credit: Huffington Post)

-Since I was coming up on the end of my “gap year” between getting out of the Navy and starting grad school, I figured I should tie up any odds and ends that I’d been putting off because of wedding planning and what-not. I don’t want to think about how much time and effort I devoted to navigating the endless caverns that make up the Department of Veterans Affairs. I will say, however, that so far I’m impressed with the Disabled American Veterans, who helped me write up my claim. That said, I’ll reserve my final judgment until I see the end result.

-I burned some frequent flier miles and made a trip out to Hawaii. (You know you’re lonely in Virginia when you hop on a ten-hour flight just to spend a long weekend with friends.) Hawaii is about the same as I left it. On the plus side, we discovered that soju (Korean rice liquor) comes in a seemingly infinite amount of flavors.

Oddly enough, the best was the yogurt-flavored one

So many flavors! The struggle was real.

-And finally, as I mentioned before, I moved up to DC. Finding an apartment was tough! You’ve got to have some serious cash to afford to rent something bigger than a closet. Thankfully I know a lot of people here from my time in the Navy, so I was able to find a roommate to help split the costs. (Chuck is still stationed in Virginia for at least another year, so once again we’ll be doing the long-distance thing. It sucks since we’ve only been married for just over four months, but at least we’re on the same continent! After being 5000 miles and six time zones apart while I was in Hawaii, a four-hour drive up the road seems like nothing.)

I can’t stay up too late tonight, because I start school tomorrow. Good lord! I can’t believe it’s finally here. I have to say, while I enjoyed taking a year off from official responsibilities, I’m very much looking forward to being productive again. Cheers, happy Sunday, and I’ll talk to you soon!

Cartoon from Patheos.com

Cartoon from Patheos.com


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